3 reasons to book Reflexology post Covid

  1. The benefits of PHYSICAL TOUCH. Apart from those stuck at home with young children, for the majority of people, when asked what they missed most during lockdown, the response would be ‘physical touch’. We are designed for human contact, both socially and physically. When this is taken away our overall health takes a hit.
  2. REDUCES STRESS & ANXIETY – For many of us the traumas of the past 18 months are still evident in our bodies. After an hour of reflexology or Indian Head massage you’ll feel an immediate difference in levels of stress and anxiety.
  3. YOUR PERSONAL MOT – a reflexology session provides the opportunity for the therapist and the client to check in with how you are really feeling. Imbalances may show up in the feet that reflect where attention is needed elsewhere in the body. Making time to stop can allow the body, mind & spirit to heal itself.